3 Ways Business Leaders Can Help your Company Win with Salesforce

As a business leader you may not be the one configuring your company’s instance of Salesforce, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help your business be successful in using it.  At Pinkus Partners we have continued to learn that having business leaders championing and supporting Salesforce implementations is a key indicator of future success.

Salesforce Staffing: Hiring vs. Outsourcing

If you’ve found your way here, odds are you are a business or technology leader who is already sold on using Salesforce to be a central part of your business operations and technical architecture. Now, you have to make a decision about how to hit the ground running so that you can reap the most business value from your decision to use Salesforce.  

The Most Important Skills of the Salesforce Admin

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled What Makes a Salesforce Professional Valuable where I explained that the most valuable trait of a Salesforce Admin is understanding the business. Its positive reception inspired me to write this follow up that outlines, in my experience, very important skills that should be in an admin’s wheelhouse that may not necessarily be found on a study guide.

5 Best Practices For Salesforce Staffing

Whether your company is just getting started with Salesforce or has recently determined that additional features need to be implemented, you will run into a variety of options for how to staff up. We’ve written previously about the different types of options you have for staffing up on Salesforce expertise, but upon picking one (or multiple) options, how do you then move forward?  Here’s what we have seen the most successful companies do over time to get Salesforce staffing done right and achieve their goals.  

What Makes a Salesforce Professional Valuable

It’s a big world for the Salesforce professional. There are tons of features to learn, tools to master, certifications to grab and trails (Trailhead) to be explored. There are weekly meetups, online communities, conferences, webinars and workshops. If desired, one could LITERALLY eat, breath, sleep, and dream Salesforce.

Salesforce Einstein and AI

The increasing adoption of artificial intelligence has lead more and more executives to ask what role the powerful technology could play in their organization. It is no question that AI is and will continue to revolutionize the way businesses interpret data, interact with customers, and discover opportunities. However, before making the switch to becoming an AI powered organization, there are a few very important questions organizations should ask in determining readiness.

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